#SafeSPORTevent outputs and results

Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event – download English version

Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event – download Bosnian version

Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event – download Bulgarian version

Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event – download Greek version

Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event – download Turkish version

#SafeSPORTevent checklists

Want to ensure safety and security of your sport event? Check out #SafeSPORTevent Security Protocols for Sports Organizations for quick overview if you have considered different aspects of Pre-event preparation, Event delivery safety and Post-event procedures:

#SafeSPORTevent checklists – download English version

#SafeSPORTevent checklists – download Bosnian version

#SafeSPORTevent checklists – download Bulgarian version

#SafeSPORTevent checklists – download Greek version

#SafeSPORTevent checklists – download Turkish version

Result 1

Edition Good practices toolkit Safe Sport Event including practical brochures (protocols) for Safe Sport Event with specific safety and security protocols that ensures proper reaction of sport realted staff, involved in events management, including new non-formal educational activities, focussed on safety and security that can be used to teach sport entities employees, volunteers and athletes. The toolkit includes practical security protocols (brouchures) that can be used separately or together with the toolkit to ensure that the basic safety rules are followed in any forcemajor situation that guarantee safety of groups in sport facilities. The edition is available online on the project webpage as guidance for other EU sport clubs and stakeholders in English language;

Result 2

#SafeSPORTevent empowered sport managers, administrators and volunteers from 4 countries to use new tools and instuments in their work during sport events at national and international level. Participating in project educational mobilities and activities, sport managers, administrators and volunteers had also the opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices with other sport staff, involved in event management from different points of Europe.

Result 3

Project ensured further development of safety and security topic in sport through practical materials that were developed during project lifetime and allow also sport entities not involved in the project itself to use and further adapt to fit their reality that increase the usability of project deliverables and empower people from the local communities to use specific safety reccommendations during their events.

Result 4

Multinational and multicultural exchange for the participating sport managers, administrators and volunteers during the transnational meetings and their experience as EU team contributes to the European identity in the partner countries – 2 European Union, 1 Programme country and 1 Western Balkans country. Those kind of activities are bringing direct effect on the local groups they work with to be brought closer and closer to the common EU identity.

Result 5

This project raiseed awareness on the high demand of urgent actions for ensuring safety and security during sport events in the European societies. Partners informed local and national stakeholders through project website, project partners web site, EACEA dissemination platform and social media (Facebook).  This result would not be possible in one country solely both in economic and practical aspect.

#SafeSPORTevent resources

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