#SafeSPORTevent summer camp 2021

In the period 18/06 – 22/06/2021, in VUSB Nessebar was held an water sports camp, which was attended by young people with intellectual disabilities and the activities were conducted by professors from the four sectors of the Department of Water Sports at NSA. “Vasil Levski” in full compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

The activities of the sports camp were related to the promotion of the activities of the NSA in the field of adapted water sports for people with different types of disabilities and special needs. The main sports in which the participants took part were sailing, kayaking and swimming. In addition, all participants enjoyed #SafeSPORTevent – an initiative of the “Bulgarian sports development association”, supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, which aims to protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions and especially during forcemajor security threads that need to be handled by specific security protocols that at this point of development do not exist in sport sector. The project will support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations for educational purposes and will enrich their skills and knowledge for reaction in safety and security situations.


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