#SafeSPORTevent checklists testing in Türkiye

KARGENC CLUB tested the security protocols created within the scope of the #SAFESPORTEVENT project in 5 different sports competitions in Sakarya. The test activity was carried out with the guidance of the supervisor responsible for the security of the competition. Generally, the comments were that the security checklist was very comprehensive.

TESTING 1- Sakarya Volleyball

We visited the 1st League match of Sakarya Volleyball, the team of Sakarya province. In the meeting we had with the facility manager before the match, we observed the security preparations. We continued the test while watching the match. While we were finishing the post-match test, we also got the supervisor’s comments. In his comment, he stated that the security protocol is very comprehensive and includes almost all the details. However, he stated that there were problems in the implementation of health-related criteria after the Covid period.

TESTING 2- Sakarya Handball

We visited Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality 1st League Handball Competition for the test application. The match chief said that since the match was a super league match, it did not start before the security measures were checked. The supervisor, who also applied our test, found the test sufficient in many respects. The chief said in his test commentary that a little more detail is needed, especially for terrorist or fan attacks. He stated that preliminary preparations were made for terrorism in events where people took part in large numbers in Turkey.

TESTING 3-Sakaryaspor Football

We visited Sakaryaspor- Rizespor 1st League football match for test application. He said that the test was applicable but too detailed in the test application we conducted with the police chief in charge of security. He stated that some items (health, on-site order) do not cover them for the police. However, he said that the pre-competition part of the protocol was not enough. The police were taking precautions before the match on the routes of the teams and fans in order to prevent possible incidents. This measure starts at the entry point of the visiting team and their supporters to the city. In addition, one week before the match, the social media accounts of the fan groups were followed and precautions were taken against possible action plans.

TESTING 4- Turkish Karate Championship, Sakarya

We had the opportunity to practice our test in the Karate Championship held in Sakarya. There was talk about further development of on-field measures regarding the test, which was interpreted by the security chief and national team coach. They talked about the on-field plan to prevent tensions in the competitions. They stated that they analyzed the matches for the athletes to continue the tension after a tense match and for possible interference from the stands.

TESTING 5- Turkey Cross Country Championship, Sakarya

We applied our test with the head of the referee committee in the cross country competition held in Sakarya. He said the test is very adequate for a sporting event, but needs to be developed for a cross country competition held in the living area of the public. They commented on the control of the athletes by assigning a referee covering the entire course for the cross country competition, tracking the elite athletes with GPS, preventing the local people from entering the track at the time of the crossing, and evaluating the possibilities of possible sabotage (not only for the purpose of attack, but also for the possibility of possible sabotage).


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